Are you in Miami and want to ship packages overseas? Drop off your Products or Packages at our international shipping center: 2229 NW 79th AVE Miami Florida 33122 (near MIA International Airport) and can ship your package globally to over 220 countries worldwide. Mail products to South America, Caribbean, Europe, Africa and more! Low shipping costs, with safe carriers: FedEx, DHL Express, UPS, & USPS. Shop in Miami USA and Ship worldwide with Shop2Ship. Express shipment from 1-4 day door-to-door delivery service.

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Phone: +1 (305) 239-9389

Do you have any special request or questions about how you can shop in Miami and have your packages shipped globally with FedEx, DHL, UPS or USPS.

International Shipping from MIAMI 305 with these Couriers!


Safe, Fast Door-to-Door delivery from the 305 to ANY country in the world! Shop2Ship is partnered with international carriers such as FedEx, DHL Express, UPS and the USPS. Choose which ever courier suits you best. We have economy options that are easy on the wallet and priority options with express delivery. Send clothes, electronics and more in boxes/packages back home from Miami.

Dont have a shipping cardboard box? We can Pack for you!

Shopping from different stores in Miami and want to ship in one box? we can pack it for you! Bring all your clothes, cell phones, electronics, tech and more and we will bundle them all into one safe easy to ship box. We will condense and consolidate the package to help save on shipping costs and keep the items safe. Shop in Miami and Ship internationally – top any country in the world or within the USA- with Shop2Ship!


Dont want to drop off? Shop using your FREE S2S USA Shopping ADDRESS!

Get packages delivered straight to our warehouse with your FREE US Shopping address. At checkout on Amazon USA enter our street address followed by your suite number. Manage your shipments from your phone or computer with our online portals and mobile Apps (available for android and iOs devices)! You dont have to be in Miami to have access to the lowest international shipping! Drop2Ship is our local drop off option, but Shop2Ship is out main focus and could be the cost saving shipping solution you have been looking for.

Shop in Miami & Ship to ANY COUNTRY in the world with Shop2Ship

Shop2ship is a third party international package forwarder based in Miami USA near the MIA Airport (2229 NW 79th AVE Miami Florida 33122). Mail clothes, and packages and more internationally. The cheapest shipping company in the Miami and USA! Shop2Ship has the cheapest shipping costs with the most reliable shipping carriers. The lowest International shipping costs from Miami with DHL, FedEx, USPS and UPS. Shop2ship is not only the cheapest package forwarder in the Miami area, but nationally has the lowest shipping costs worldwide. Signup today for Free and estimate the exact shipping costs. We have no hidden fees or monthly commitments. You also get a USA Shopping address when you sign up with Shop2Ship, if you don’t want to drop off your package, have them delivered with your free USA shopping address. Shop2Ship’s location in Miami helps lower the costs to Central and South America, gain access to express, safe and affordable global delivery with Shop2Ship. Consolidate your packages together to save big on shipping costs.