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Shop2Ship is an industry leader in B2C and B2B package forwarding. Shop2Ship has the lowest shipping costs and services that are tailered to all international buyers to help them save on shipping costs from the US online Stores. Access USA online stores such as Amazon, ebay, walmart, target and more with a FREE Shop2Ship parcel forwarding address. International shipping companies such as Shop2Ship bridge the shipping gap between American online stores and international shoppers. Looking for Package forwarder Alternatives? See how Shop2ship is the leader Package Forwarding Industry. Read below for package forwarding reviews, testimonials, global shipping cost comparisons and member experiences with Shop2Ship, MyUS, Shiptio, Reship, USGOBUY, USA2ME, Viabox, Planet Express, Stackry, Shop and Ship, Ship7 & more!



Lowest Shipping Costs

Ship internationally from the USA with DHL, FedEx, USPS and UPS. Shop2Ship has the lowest shipping costs and is the cheapest packager forwarder. Get express shipment options with Shop2Ship. 1-4 day international door-to-door delivery from the USA with DHL Express and FedEx Priority. This carriers have excellent track records and are realiable and save for your expensive cargo.

Free Membership

Premium membership is free with Shop2Ship! No Commitments or monthly fees!  Get a premium membership with the ability to consolidate, reduce package , get photos of your goods and more! Everyone has access to premium features of package forwarding. Frequent shippers and affiliates are then rewarded by Shop2ship with discounts on shipping, free upgrades to priority services, automatic express processing and personalized customer service.

Same-Day Processing

Shop2Ship does not delay shipments, we believe in same day processing! We set ourselves apart from the competition by processing consolidations and shipments on the same day that they get requested. Get your shipments faster with Shop2Ship.

Long-Term Storage

Have storage at our local Miami facility for over 120 days for free. Make use of year round sales and ship once to save with Shop2Ship! Flexible shipping , with no rush or extra fees.

Payment Options

We accept all major international credit cards and Paypal. Pay for your shipments from the US with international credit cards or PayPal with Shop2Ship. Payment is simple and easy with no sign ups or commitments required.


Shop on USA online stores and ship internationally with these carriers:

DHL Express (1-4 day door-to-door delivery)

FedEx International Export Priority (1-4 day door-to-door delivery)

FedEx International Export Economy (4-10 day door-to-door delivery)

USPS Priority Mail Express (8-12 day door-to-door delivery)

USPS Priority Mail (12-20 day door-to-door delivery)

UPS Expedited, Saver, Express (3-12 day door-to-door delivery)

FREE Shop2Ship Package Forwarding App

The most user friendly international package forwarding app in the industry. The best way to take control of your international shipments and track the delivery of the parcel. Download is FREE and is available for iOS and Android devices.


Parcel Forwarders have NOT been able to compete with Shop2Ship’s low cost shipping, minimal handling fees and same day processing. Look to Shop2Ship as a best and cheapest alternative to other Parcel Forwarding agencies. Some other international shippers hide their fees and inflate costs.


MyUS does have a Free membership but it is extremely limited, by restricting consolidation. Consolidation is the key to package forwarding, so with this restriction MyUS forces people to sign up with their paid membership .Their premium membership has a monthly commitment and comes with fees. Shipping costs from MyUS are high and they . Very short storage time, not allowing flexibility of shipping. Reviews on MyUS show some unhappy customer experiences who advocate for the MyUS alternatives.


Expensive monthly commitment or restricted free membership. Medium-High shipping costs, reasonable service fees structure. Average yet favorable storage time. Shipito does not have a UPS shipping option. Many shipping address locations in US and one in Austria. Shipito also has a European address is an advantage as well for many consumers. If you are looking for better alternatives to Shipito, you have to consider, Shop2Ship.


Expensive shipping, expensive membership, expensive service fees.Reship does have one advantage in their selection of address locations: USA, Canada and the UK. Reship’s Free Storage is quite short and members tend to accumulate fees. Reship has many better alternatives in Shop2Ship, Shipito and more.


No service fees or membership fees. Incredibly expensive shipping fees. Limited services. Hidden storage days limit. No FedEx shipping. Viabox has many reviews of customers who are surprised at the shipping costs due to their misleading front page. Viabox alternatives are far more competitive in shipping price. Viabox seems like a great decision based on the No fee policy but the the shipping costs more than make up for that downfall.


USGOBUY is a leader in the package forwarding industry. Their shipping costs are high but their online apps work well.  If you are looking to save on international shipping from the USA they are a reliable service but have a track record of over charging users and having operational issues. USGOBUY has cheaper alternatives such as Shop2Ship. USgobuy has a hidden pricing structure and their services are not properly explained.


USA2ME has a location in in the states but in a state with sales taxes charged. Their shipping costs are high and they have several initial fees at sign up. They do offer free consolidation but their storage is quite short for their cheaper membership options. Due to their high shipping costs, USA2ME has better alternatives in Shop2Ship. Their

Planet Express

Planet Express has a wonderfully set up customer interface. They have a flawless fulfillment service. Their shipping costs are are very competitive. Planet express has a great customer reviews and testimonials. Planet Express has a transparent pricing structure. Their location does not offer sales tax free purchases and has extremely short storage.


Stackry is a package forwarding agency with a location based in the USA. They have a well priced pricing structure with no membership fees. Stackry has some good reviews online and some great testimonials. Their shipping costs much higher than the other Stackry alternatives.


Ship7 is new to parcel forwarding industry. They have high shipping costs and are limited to only a few nations as reship countries. Ship7 has high costs and has better alternatives such as the package forwarding leader, Shop2Ship. Ship7 has a location in the US and in the UK. which is a huge bonus. Their US package forwarding service has free package consolidation and their service fees are lower than the industry standard.

Shop and Ship

ShopandShip is associated with Aramex. This is a Shop anywhere and ship anywhere service. This is appealing but most international buyers are interest in online stores in countries such as the USA, Canda, UK or EU countries and also China. Shopandship has a shop any address but most members will only use the important addresses. Shopandship has high shipping costs and uses Aramex services which is not a premium parcel forwarding carrier.


Shopmate helps you shop in the USA and ship to Australia. They only ship to Australia, which limits the appeal of their US parcel forwarding service.. They are connected to the AusPost (Australian Postal). Shopmate has a tax free address which is appealing. But ShopMate only ships with the USPS which the Aus Post completes the last mile of delivery. This is not express delivery service. This is not a premium package forwarding service. Shop2Ship is a Shopmate competitor because the rates to Australia are lower and they have several carrier options with express international delivery form the USA at economy prices. Shopmate has many hidden services and has created many bad reviews about the Shopmate service. Shop2Ship guarantees lowest shipping costs and is a leader in the package forwarding agency.


Skypax has two locations, one in the US and one in the UK. The two addresses offers for flexibility and is a major bonus to their service. Skypax however has high shipping costs and has much cheaper alternatives in Shop2Ship and Shipito. Skypax is a reliable service but with expensive unnecessary membership costs. Limited reship addressees. Shop2Ship allows for multiple addresses per account eg work, home , holiday home etc. The are inflexible with the reship addresses. Their service fees are high but still competitive. You will save more by using Shop2Ship, which is the best alternative to Skypax US. The UK isnt the best market so a US address is always more appealing.


Forward2ME is a UK based parcel forwarding company. Showing some of the lowest shipping costs from the UK- internationally. Forward2me is strictly a UK address which is not as desirable as a free USA package forwarding address. Forward2me has better alternatives that are based in the USA such as Shop2Ship, MyUS or Shipito.

Vyking Ship

VykingShip is a new package forwarding agency. Their shipping costs are high and VykingShip is based in a US state that is not tax free, so their address isnt strategically located. Their shipping costs will be higher than the more strategically located package forwarding address. Vyking ship alternatives include Shop2Ship, MyUS and Shipito.


Comgateway is a package forwarding agency that has closed its US facility. Following bad reviews, Comgateway members are looking for alternatives to satisfy their package forwarding needs. Comgateway alternatives such as Shop2Ship is far more reliable, and has much lower shipping costs and service fees. Reviews of comgateway show international shoppers have a  need for a reliable, affordable and cheap package forwarder.


Shipoala is new to the package forwarding industry. Shipoala has better alternatives in Shop2Ship. Shop2Ship has lower shipping costs and services fees. The location of the Shipoala address does not allow for tax free shopping in the USA for international buyers. Their membership, consolidation, photos and repacking is free. Shipoala makes up for the free photos in high shipping costs. Package Forwarding customers prefer to select their services and do not want to inadvertently pay for services they do not actually need.  Cheaper Shipoala alternatives would be Shop2Ship’s Parcel forwarding service.

Shipping Storm

Shipping storm is also and international shipping company based in the USA. Their package forwarding services are stated to be cheaper than MYUS , Shipito and MYUS on their website. They are infact more expensive.Their services fees are competitive and they do offer a free membership and free consolidation.But their international shipping costs from the USA are far more expensive than their competitors. Shippingstorm has cheaper and more established alternatives in Shop2Ship.

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Shop2Ship rises above MyUS, Shiptio, Reship, USGOBUY, USA2ME, Viabox, Planet Express, Stackry, Shop and Ship, Ship7 & more! Shop2Ship is the best alternative to these package forwarders based on shipping costs and handling fees. Register today for a FREE Shop2Ship USA shopping address. Ship your parcels internationally to over 220 countries worldwideConsolidate your packages into one easy to ship box to save huge on shipping costs. Door-to-door shipping from the USA has become the smart way to shop online, and has become a global trend. Shop USA and Ship internationally with FedEx, DHL, UPS, or USPS at low costs. Shop2Ship is the cheapest package forwarder and and industry leader. See how package forwarding can help you save when shopping online!