Planet Express Alternatives | Low Cost, Better service with Shop2Ship

//Planet Express Alternatives | Low Cost, Better service with Shop2Ship
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Looking for a CHEAPER Alternative to Planet Express? Look No further than Shop2Ship!

Planet Express is a leader in the Parcel Forwarding industry, but there are far cheaper alternatives out there. Shop2Ship has free membership, lowest shipping costs and fastest processing in the package forwarding industry. Gain access to the best online stores in the US with a Free shopping address. Save on shipping costs by choosing these best alternative to Planet Express: Shop2Ship. Read below for cost comparisons of Planet Express, testimonials, reviews and more!


Planet Express High Membership Fees

Planet Express has two membership options. Their free option is a single package membership. Allowing no consolidation or reduce package service. Their premium membership comes at a monthly fee. This membership is fine for people who ship weekly, but some users wish to only pay when they ship. Monthly fees during consumers inactive shipping months will be an unnecessary charge for no actual service has been used. If you want a premium parcel forwarding membership similar to Planet Express, for free, sign up with Shop2Ship. The Shop2Ship premium membership is available to all with no monthly fees.

Free Membership is limited

The Planet Express single package membership is limited. No consolidation, short storage and combined with their high shipping costs. Shop2Ship offers you a premium account similar to Planet Express’ paid membership for FREE. Shop2Ship is the cheapest alternative to Planet Express with regards to

Variable Rate Consolidation

Planet Express charges you a flat $5 fee for a consolidation request and a $2 per package fee. Combine with their standard handling fee of $2 per package, their consolidation costing model is very similar to Shop2ship. At first glance their pricing seems cheap compared to the rest of the package forwarding industry, but they are instead average. Their shipping costs however is where Planet Express charges most.

Consolidated boxes only have 7 days storage!

Planet Express only lets you store consolidated boxes for  7 free days. This is a very low amount of storage days and does not promote a great shipping experience for the customer. We here at shop2Ship feel that the customer should select when to ship in their own time. Planet express will charge large storage fees on your consolidated boxes after a free period of just 7 days. Gain access to 120 days of secure storage with Shop2Ship.

Lower Shipping Costs with Shop2Ship

Planet Express has high shipping costs. They are expensive in the industry compare to the other major package forwarders. Shop2ship has the lowest shipping costs in the package forwarding industry. Planet Express’s location is great for shipping costs but their operational costs will need to be covered with higher shipping costs. They are an international shipping company based in California which is an expensive state to operate.


Best Alternative to Planet Express = Shop2Ship

Shop on US online stores with a FREE premium parcel forwarding address with Shop2Ship. Consolidate your packages for a flat fee, and get longer package storage than Planet Express. Free long term storage with Shop2Ship. Find the lowest shipping costs, fastest processing and free membership at Shop2ship. Sign up today for a lifetime free package forwarding address with no monthly fees.