Reship Alternatives | Low Cost, Better service with Shop2Ship

//Reship Alternatives | Low Cost, Better service with Shop2Ship
Reship Alternatives | Low Cost, Better service with Shop2Ship2019-08-14T19:28:15+00:00

Looking for a CHEAPER Alternative to ReShip? Look No further than Shop2Ship!


ReShip Charges a sign up fee

Reship will charge you $5 per signup for their account. We here at Shop2Ship give you access to a premium account for no signup fee or monthly charges.


ReShip Monthly Membership is Expensive

ReShip will charge a Sign-up fee of $5 before anything is shipped. Their monthly charge is $30.  Get a free USA shopping address at shop2ship with no membership fees or signup fees. Shop2Ship is the cheapest parcel and mail forwarding in the USA


Lower Shipping Costs at Shop2ship

Find a lower shipping cost alternative in Shop2Ship, the cheapest parcel forwarding service. Reship has expensive shipping costs on top of their inflated service fees. Shop2Ship has more shipping partners than Reship, Shop2ship is partnered with Fedex, DHL, USPS and UPS to help with express international delivery from the USA. Shop online in the USA and ship with the cheapest parcel forwarding service.

Consolidation Service

Reship up-charges their consolidation when the number of packages combined exceeds 7 packages. Thus increasing the consolidation fee on top of the handling fee. Shop2Ship has a flat rate consolidation price, we reward consolidation as it is the best way to get lower international shipping costs from the USA

Reship Multiple locations

Reship has several locations around the globe. One in the USA, one in Canada and one in the UK. this is great and allows for customers to shop in different markets around the globe and ship to their home. Shop2Ship will be opening another shipping location in Germany to compete against reships multiple locations.

Longer Storage at Shop2Ship

Shop2Ship has 120 days of free storage whereas Reship has on 60 days of free storage. Reships lower number of storage days restrict international shoppers from shopping and shipping in their own time. Make use of year round sales such as black Friday and amazon Prime day with Shop2Ship


Shop2Ship is the best alternative to Reship

Shop in the USA online stores like Amazon, ebay, newegg, walmart and more and ship internationally with the cheapest parcel forwarding company. Shop2Ship is the industry leader in package forwarding and has great customer satisfaction records. Save on international shipping by using a Shop2Ship USA address.