Shipito Alternatives | Lower Cost, Better service with Shop2Ship

//Shipito Alternatives | Lower Cost, Better service with Shop2Ship
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Looking for a CHEAPER Alternative to Shipito? Look No further than Shop2Ship!

The best package forwarding alternative to Shipito is Shop2Ship! Shop2Ship has lower shipping costs and cheaper services fees. Get a premium Shop2Ship account for free! Shipito is a leader in the package forwarding industry, but their pricing structure doesn’t allow for international shoppers to get low cost shipping from the USA. Their service fees are competitive but their shipping costs are expensive.  Low shipping costs are the key to successful parcel forwarding for the benefit will go straight to the end customer grow the parcel forwarding industry as a whole.


Shipito Membership Fees

Why pay monthly membership fees at Shipito when you can get a Free premium parcel forwarding account with Shop2Ship? Not all international shoppers are the same, Shop2Ship works on a “pay-as-you-ship” system. You only pay us at the time of shipment. No membership fees at all. We want our shoppers to have access to their account year round and not have to pay membership fees in months of inactivity.


Variable Rate Consolidation

Shipitos consolidation service fees seem low. Until you realize their consolidation service has a per package fee attached. So therefor you will be charged the original handling fee, a separate consolidation fee and a per package consolidation fee.  Their service structure seems to be cheaper on first glance. Shipito however still remains competitive in their service charges, they just aren’t as cheap as they may appear at first. Their are no hidden Shipito Fees, their pricing structure is transparent and fair. Shop2Ship is a cheaper than Shipito in Shipping costs, but remains competitive with regards to the service fees.


Best Shipito Alternative: Shop2Ship!

Shop2Ships shipping costs are much lower than Shipito. Shop2Ship also offers a Free membership and flat fee consolidation. Consolidate unlimited packages together for one fee. Shop2Ship rewards its members who ship large volumes with shipping discounts and free services. Gain access to Amazing US online stores with the best Parcel Forwarding company, Shop2Ship. Ship to over 200 countries worldwide from the USA at low rates, including island nations. View an objective view of the shipping costs, services fees, reviews and testimonials; it is safe to say that Shop2Ship is a leader in the package Forwarding industry with regards to total customer satisfaction. There are no better alternatives to than Shop2ship!