Shop2Ship Service – Extra Packing Material

//Shop2Ship Service – Extra Packing Material

Shop2Ship Service – Extra Packing Material

Protect your fragile items with Shop2Ship. With package forwarding from the USA means that your items travel far. It is always a good item to make sure your items are safe. Shop2Ship’s extra packing material will help protect your items


PAckage forwarding from the USA Fragile Items


We add several things to help protect your fragile items

1) Bubble Wrap

2) Packing peanuts

3) Fragile Stickers

4) “This Side Up” Stickers

5) Extra strong Tape

6) Extra thick boxes


We are experts in Fragile item packing

Glass items

Electronics that need the extra cushion



Our Favorite Stores

NewEgg, GearBeast, Adidas, Victoria Secret, Best Buy, Apple, Nordstrom


Protect your fragile items with Shop2Ship

Parcel Forwarding from the USA has never had this many options. The Extra Packing Material service will cost you $3 but could save you a lot more than that! It offers you peace of mind. Consolidations from Shop2Ship will already add extra packing material to your Fragile items.  Visit our services page to see our variety of services to suit your needs. Please visit our Shipping Rate page to get a quot on shipping costs.

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