I use Shop2Ship for my clothing shopping hauls! The prices of clothes in the US are amazing, and the selection is incredible. Shop2Ship has low cost but quick shipping options. I recommend their consolidation service. This allowed me to save big on shipping costs while letting me shop on different stores.



I use Shop2Ship when I need to upgrade any of my electronics. I buy unlocked cell phones, laptops and the occasional pair of shoes off USA online stores. Creating the customs declaration was a breeze using their iOS App.



Buying durable and fashionable clothes for 3 kids can be very expensive. But with Shop2Ship, I get all my childrens’ clothes from Target and Amazon. It’s such a stress-free shopping experience! I also treat myself to cosmetics. Love their Android App.



I bought my entire gaming PC setup using Shop2ship package forwarding services from websites like Amazon, BestBuy and Newegg etc. I saved a few hundred dollars just buy using Shop2Ship instead of buying these products locally in Brazil!



I am a Captain of a 90ft yacht, I constantly need spare parts and personal products delivered to me - all over the globe. Shop2Ship has shipped to me when I have been in remote locations and busy ports. It’s just very convenient to store all my staff at Shop2Ship for free and ship it out whenever I know where we are in a few days.



I am a professional photographer and I use shop2Ship to gain access to the amazing prices of equipment on US stores. I also make use of the big sales in the USA like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Shop2Ship offers same-day processing and fast express shipping, so if I need new filters for events it always makes it on time.


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