Shop2Ship Service – Special Request

//Shop2Ship Service – Special Request

Shop2Ship Service – Special Request

Do you have any special request for our package forwarding service? Is there something we can do for you that is not on the services list? Please don’t hesitate to ask! Below are a few examples of what we can do for you, but the sky is the limit!

Parcel forwarding from the USA - Special request

Special Packing Instructions

For example, we have many clients who purchase drones and drone cases separately, from different vendors. So they consolidate the items together and add a special request for us to pack the drone inside the case. We also have people who purchase laptops and want the laptop to be inserted inside the case to save on shipping costs

Special Information Request

If you are purchasing clothes, you can add a request for us to see if the correct amount of clothes have been added and that the correct sizes are given by the vendor. If you are purchasing laptops or cell phones that are second hand, we can send you the serial number or IMEI number so that you can be sure of what you are purchasing.

Special Customs Declaration

Automatically all items are declared as “Personal Use”. We can declare this item as “Commercial”, “Personal effect”, “Return &Repair”, “Gift” or as a “Sample”. This depends on your shipping preferences and is usually asked of us by experienced importers. We can also add anything for you that your local customs office may need, this is typical of companies that are tax exempt for import of certain products or commodities.

We can do any request that you may have!

Please just add the special request and we will fulfill your need. Package Forwarding from the USA has never been this fast, cost effect and specialized.

Our Favorite Stores

NewEgg, GearBeast, Adidas, Victoria Secret, Best Buy, Apple, Nordstrom


Package Forwarding from the USA with a special request will come at a small additional fee. $5 per request per package is the fee allocated to this service. You can also just make one request on a consolidated package for all packages inside.

Save with Shop2Ship! Parcel Forwarding from the USA

We offer package forwarding from US sites that offer these amazing discounts. Sign-up and start shopping and shipping to today! Visit our services page to see our variety of services to suit your needs. Please visit our Shipping Rate page to get a quote on shipping costs. Package forwarding from the USA has never been this affordable and flexible. We have no membership fees and offer consolidation services to help you combine orders from several different stores.

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